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Who is thrombophiliac?


Thrombophiliac is a person who has an innate genetically conditioned tendency to increased blood clotting and a tendency to an increased formation of thrombosis – this is called thrombophilia.

The diagnosis of thrombophilia by itself does not mean anything, but it may be a risk factor for the occurrence of serious life-threatening complications. Most of these complications, however, may be effectively avoided. If you have thrombophilia, it is important to understand your diagnosis and particularly get to know effective prevention of complications.

Thrombophilia, thrombophilic gene mutation, thrombosis, its complications and everything connected with these topics, is the focus of this website.

Goals of Thrombophiliac.com

  1. Through information and education contribute to the prevention of complications and safer life of people with thrombophilia or a higher risk of thrombotic disease
  2. To provide the access to the latest information related to thrombophilia
  3. Connect thrombophiliacs around the world and allow them to share experiences

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